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Descendant Register, Generation No. 1

1. Mary <Unknown> was born in Northumberland Co., VA, and died 1766 in Northumberland Co., VA. She married John Doggett BEF 1734, son of Benjamin Doggett II and Betty <Unknown>. He was born ABT 1690 in Lancaster Co., VA, and died BEF 11 FEB 1738/39 in Northumberland Co., VA.

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Your Cherokee name?

Your Cherokee name?

At one time, all Cherokee children were given Cherokee names because English was not spoken. One thing most families have held onto is the naming of their children. Although English names are given and appear on hospital and state birth certificates, the family elders continue to give their children Cherokee names which are used in the home. Some names have literal translations while some have no known translation. Names like Running Bear or Storm Cloud are not Cherokee names, they are English words that sound like something ‘Indian’. Some Cherokee names translate into English like Deer-in-the-Water, but these are special names just like any last name, it is the last name of your family. Examples of Cherokee first names are Enigi or Geyohi which do not have English translations. Some names, such as Usdi which means “little”, or Diyesdisgi which means “wakes them up”.

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Source: Your Cherokee name?